“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”

“Pilates is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body.”

Joseph Pilates


HWP studio is well equipped with the main pieces of Pilates apparatus.

THE CADILLAC or TRAPEZE TABLE facilitates an extensive range of exercises to suit all levels from beginner to advanced level. Springs attached to the frame create resistance and therefore help to strengthen muscles. Due to its sturdy frame the Cadillac provides a stable support for clients with injuries or impairments. It is especially good for older clients being an easily accessible height from the ground (so avoids getting up and down from the floor). As it is a stable surface the Cadillac is a good place to learn exercises before progressing to a moving surface such as the reformer. However many challenging exercises can also be learnt on the Cadillac, in particular those using the push through bar, the trapeze bar and the frame which are not possible on the studio reformer.

THE STUDIO REFORMER is a moving carriage using springs for resistance like the Cadillac but with the addition of straps on pulleys for legs and arms. It aids fluidity to movements and adds extra challenge as far as balance and co ordination. Various exercises can be performed lying, sitting, kneeling or standing on the moving carriage, improving balance and overall body strength. The reformer also has a box increasing the range of exercises which can be performed, aiding support or adding difficulty.

The COMBO CHAIR and LADDER BARREL add an extra dimension for more advanced clients:

The COMBO CHAIR is great for balance work and exercises can be executed lying (in all three planes), kneeling, sitting or standing as on the reformer. It helps build strength in all areas of the body while testing balance and increasing flexibility. Although mostly suitable for the advanced client it is also helpful to beginners using the pedals for standing and balance work.

The LADDER BARREL challenges and builds strength in the torso and takes advanced exercises to a higher level.

HWP is also equipped with good range of smaller equipment to add variety to a workout, including the following: the step barrel (or spine corrector), small barrel, Oov, rocker and wobble boards, rotating discs, foam roller, fascia roll, Fitballs and overballs, therabands and various massage balls and foot roller.

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