“I just did an introductory session with Sara, and am delighted to have found her. I have started to get physical problems from the work I do – not bad enough to go find medical treatment or physiotherapy – but bad enough that I feel I need to do something before it gets worse.

Sara was able to assess my problem, and made me aware of an area in my back that is very much related to, and possibly even creating the problem I am experiencing in my shoulders. The exercises she gave me to do are clearly helpful, and I feel better after a week of doing my ‘homework’.

I am looking forward to my next session with Sara, and highly recommend her.”

Bineke Kiernan

“I came to Sara with back pain and to improve posture and body shape. Sara’s help eliminated the back pain, also improving my rotation, flexibility and posture. A very effective and perceptive Pilates teacher, I would highly recommend Sara to anyone interested in increasing their sports performance as well as to improving posture and body shape.”

Finola OM

“Thanks to Sara my love for Pilates has grown over the years. She helped me (and still doing!) to go over my back injury and go back to a fit life and wellbeing. Sara has high knowledge of the body movements and muscles adding grace, strength and ultimately fitness. Sara strongly believes in the Pilates fundamental principles and what I love is her strong belief not to consider Pilates as a fitness fashion of the moment. She is really committed and faithful to what Pilates really is: control, precision, concentration, flow, breath and centering. I think that Joseph Pilates would be very happy to have her in his team!”

Noemi Osio

“Sara Honey is a wonderful Pilates teacher. Her physical precision and focus on the mind/body connection yields remarkable results.”

Shira P

“I have been studying with Sara Honey for the past couple of months – she is very, very good! I’ve been with many many teachers and she is right at the top.”

Anne VG

“Such a kind, caring, effective and fabulous teacher.”

Alison Hayes