How we coped during lockdown – testimonials from Zoom mat pilates classes

“It has been absolutely wonderful and hugely beneficial to have been able to continue with my Pilates class with Sara via Zoom. Her classes for all the years I have been doing them make a huge difference and are excellent. Being able to continue with them during all the months of lockdown  has been marvellous. Classes are easy to follow online and it’s been great to still have Sara’s instruction every week. Her immediate transfer of classes to Zoom and her commitment to our class is greatly appreciated.”

Jill H

“The Zoom Pilates classes have really helped in the last year.  Just different on a screen! There has always been variety in the Classes so everyone’s needs are addressed, we all need to be motivated. Always look forward to useful tips. Thank you Sara!”

Maria K

“Just wanted to tell you that I have been grateful for the zoom facility which has kept our pilates class alive and thriving and able to receive your excellent teaching. I still prefer an in-person teaching experience, but when that hasn’t been possible we have had the next best thing.”

Karin L

“The Pilates classes on Zoom are just about as good as classes in the hall. Sara keeps the groups to a manageable size and corrects each of us as required. The weekly Pilates class on Zoom felt like an hour of Normality.”

Lisbeth M

“I have been a member of Sara Honey’s Pilates Friday morning class for several years now and have always found her to be a professional and conscientious teacher.  Since the beginning of the first lockdown she has gone out of her way to continue with that professionalism with her online classes. I have particularly appreciated these Zoom classes and feel that they have helped to keep me fit during the pandemic. Sara knows the needs and physical limitations of individual members of the class. I have appreciated the support and encouragement she has given me during these challenging times.”

Sarah S

“I first met Sara about 4 years ago for 1:1 tuition after badly breaking my ankle. She definitely contributed to my full recovery, for which I will be forever grateful. I had never done Pilates previously. I have continued with her friendly weekly classes which have kept me subtle, flexible & added to my sense of wellbeing as I continue to lead an active life in retirement. I consider Sara’s classes a very good investment for my wellbeing & mobility. Many thanks Sara.”

Leo T

“I have found the classes very helpful. It was good to have something to focus on regularly each week, particularly during lockdown. Sara coped very well with zoom technical issues. Her description of the exercises was clear and she corrected us as much as was possible. In addition Sara is a cheerful person who always gives encouragement.”

Ruth C

“I found the change to online classes very successful. The classes helped to keep our Pilates group in touch at a difficult time and continued to improve my posture, balance and flexibility.”

Janet B

“I absolutely LOVE Sara’s classes – she always explains so clearly what to do and then gently tweaks anything I haven’t quite got right so that I can get the maximum out of each exercise. She is a complete star & I can’t recommend her highly enough. ”

Lisa C

“I’ve appreciated Sara’s attention to detail. She knows my weak areas and is always mindful of them in particular exercises. It makes me feel more confident during the class.”

Diane B


Here’s what our pilates studio clients think about us

“Some years ago, as a result of a longstanding back problem, I was referred to a Pilates studio. Sara was my guide and guardian angel, patiently leading this novice through the philosophy and workings of Pilates, her expertise, understanding and air of calm immediately engendering a feeling of being in safe hands. Whether you are in pain or you simply wish to improve your posture, general health and wellbeing , Pilates with Sara offers the chance to change your life for the better.”

James N

“Viviane is an excellent Pilates teacher. She notices small issues with my posture and alignment and then addresses them with particular exercises that she adapts as needed. She takes great care to keep exercises stretching but within my capability. She is very knowledgeable and considerate. The abdominal pain that first brought me to Pilates has almost completely disappeared and I feel that I’m walking much taller!”

Jean D

“I’d started to get physical problems from the work I do – not bad enough to go find medical treatment or physiotherapy – but bad enough that I feel I need to do something before it gets worse. Sara was able to assess my problem, and made me aware of an area in my back that is very much related to, and possibly even creating the problem I am experiencing in my shoulders. The exercises she gave me to do are clearly helpful, and I feel better after a week of doing my ‘homework’.”

Bineke K

“I came to Sara with back pain and to improve posture and body shape. Sara’s help eliminated the back pain, also improving my rotation, flexibility and posture. A very effective and perceptive Pilates teacher, I would highly recommend Sara to anyone interested in increasing their sports performance as well as to improving posture and body shape.”

Finola OM

“Thanks to Sara my love for Pilates has grown over the years. She helped me get over my back injury and go back to a fit life and wellbeing. Sara has high knowledge of the body movements and muscles adding grace, strength and ultimately fitness.”

Naomi O

“Sara Honey is a wonderful Pilates teacher. Her physical precision and focus on the mind/body connection yields remarkable results.”

Shira P

“Sara Honey is very, very good! I’ve been with many many teachers and she is right at the top.”

Anne VG

“Such a kind, caring, effective and fabulous teacher.”

Alison Hayes